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About Us

“Self expression, practicality, and style is our motto at Legletic. We are determined to bring you unique and stylish pieces in order for you to be able to express your personal style on a daily basis.” -Erica Manson


Erica Manson’s daughter Sophie was fifteen years old when she became obsessed with art and abstract expresisionism. She had various t-shirts from multiple stores which expressed her unique and artistic style, but failed to find unique bottoms that displayed her personal taste. She and her mother Erica went on a hunt for the ultimate leggings, but continuously came up short as the selection for unique leggings was just not available.


Having some experience with sewing herself, Erica was determined to make her daughter’s dreams come true. She dusted off her old sewing machine, bought some unique fabrics, and got to work. After two nights of sewing, Erica showed Sophie what she had created and she absolutely loved them. The following day, Sophie wore her leggings to school and everyone began asking about where she got her unique bottoms - adults and children alike. Erica knew that the demand for unique leggings was bigger than just her daughter, and so, Legletic was born.

Offering a unique selection of leggings is what Legletic is about. Ensuring that each person is able to express their unique style is our mission and we are sure that our broad selection has something that will suit your taste.

Are you ready to express your style through all articles of clothing? If so, jump into Legletic!

For questions and inquiries contact us by email or phone:

Address: 28010 Eucalyptus Ave, Moreno Valley, CA 92555, USA.